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18 June 2015


Wen I was a kid, I was afraid of CATS. why ?

Because it is a CAT and my mom always said

" jangan hulur tangan nanti kena cakar "

So, i assume that CATS were such a bad creature *am I too much or what?*
One more, CAT always make mess because of its fur.

When i was a kid, i thought that CATS are bad because they bite their kittens on the neck if they are away from the mommies.

" kucing tu kena gigit sebab dia main jauh daripada mak dia " this was my childhood imagination. Hiks.

Another thing that my mother told me,

" jangan pegang anak kucing tu, nanti mak dia taknak bagi susu kat dia sebab ada bau manusia "

I cant relate it but I'm still thinking about it. Until now, 2015.


Only after SPM, I became brave enough to touch the cats. Our very first cat named Mika. It came suddenly. We dont know its owner. We decided to keep the cat. After deliver babies, Mika left. The kittens still with us. When the kittens is big enough, the male will left to find life partner while the females will give birth first before left.

After a few generations, i fell in love with this 2 cats. Kacang and Oreo. Now, Kacang already give birth to 3 kittens while Oreo is big enough to find his mate.
Okey, i dont know how to end this post.

Hm, aku sayang kucing2 ni. Dulu aku takut. Tapi sekarang tak lagi. Aku dah boleh peluk cium kucing tu. Kadang2 aku bersyukur sebab kucing aku hilang. So aku tak perlu tengok dia mati. Tapi sedih sebab dia hilang. Hm.

Aku tak tahu nak sambung apa ni. Babai. Assalammualaikum.

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