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11 December 2014

english .

suddenly, an idea came across my head .

what if i change my new posts into English post ?

well, i'm not really good in English . but, i'm not that bad in English
you know ... my English is just nice . hahaha . kidding !

since i'm going to take MUET next semester , so, why don't I start the practice now, right ?
yes yes . i know that i'm super duper clever . ehehhh !

but,for the first stage , ignore my grammar mistakes . i just wanna increase my level of confidence in speaking and writing English .

but, not all my post will be in english . some will be mixed with malay , arabic , and maybe a few simple words from other language such as punjab(hindustan) , korean , japanese and .... i don't know.... Malacca , maybe ?

well, do help me with my English , will ya ?

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