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06 April 2016


Hello, Assalammualaikum people !
disebabkan hakak seteghess dengan final exam hakak, bagi chance akak membebel kat sini.
nope, i won't talk about the paper cause it hurts me TOO MUCH ! 
*menangis gaya kena tinggal  pakwe* 
*terduduk sepi di sudut bilik*
okey, forget it !

this post gonna be Manglish (Malay_English) post. eleh, you know my English is not that good kann ?  hehe. 

okay, let's me ask a teaser question:

okay i heard that, ELVIS PRESLEY era ! haha .
Image result for bell bottom jeans 1970s
yup, their hair, their seluar kembang *idk what they call this*

okay, now let me tell you more :

Retro is back! For those who have no idea what retro actually is, especially for the younger ones, it is a culturally outdated or aged style and trend that was one popular in the world of fashion industry. Ever since that we always call it as retro. It generally implies a vintage of, maybe, at least fifteen or twenty years for example clothing style from the 1980 could be called as a retro. Now the use of retro style has been interjected into the latest fashion collection around the world.

Retro fashion dates from circa 1940-1980 and now the clothing style of retro consists of wearing clothes that are commonly used in the past. This way of clothing often includes clothes and accessories that have characteristics of such times. Many fashionistas around the world use them in an exaggerated way with the combination of modern clothing style.

Examples of retro clothing are; 

bell-bottom jeans,
*okay, this is seluar kembang that i stated before. this is power of reading ! yeahh !*
Image result for bell bottom jeans 1970s

poodle skirts
*skirts that makes woman look elegant*
Image result for 50s fashion skirts

big sunglasses,
*their shapes are rare but awesome* 
Image result for 50s big sunglasses

small neckties
Image result for 50s small neckties

chiffon scarves, 
*some of them ties around the neck, some wear on head*
Image result for 50s chiffon scarves

funky jackets 
Image result for 50s funky jackets
*err, idk what to say*
and many more. Even 

Image result for 50s makeups

may also play a big part in the feminine retro style with the focal points of heavily-lined eyes and bright lipstick – the styles chosen by many movie stars back in the 1940s and 1950s

.Now seeing the

of clothing being modernized to fit into our current lifestyle and modern fashion trends. High-waist shorts, denim shirts, scarfs, headbands and even ray bans are the things you need to give your look the vintage touch. 

that's all guys! thanks for reading.
have a nice day.

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